CONTUSION, Finger/Toe (Child)

A blow to a finger or toe may not be hard enough to break a bone, or even break the skin. But blood vessels may be ruptured. Blood will pool and form a bruise, also known as a contusion.

Symptoms of a contusion include black-and-blue skin discoloration, swelling, and pain. The injured finger or toe may feel weak and stiff. Swelling and pain may make the digit hard to move.

To keep the finger or toe from moving and to relieve pain, the injured digit is often taped to an uninjured digit next to it. A toe injury may require wearing a firm walking shoe or using a temporary walking cast. Cool compresses or ice packs help reduce swelling. Bruising may take several weeks to heal.


Medications: The doctor may prescribe medications for pain and inflammation. Follow the doctor’s instructions for giving these medications to your child.

General Care:

  1. Apply an ice pack wrapped in a dry cloth to the injury for up to 20 minutes to relieve swelling and pain. Repeat this every hour while the child is awake. Continue using cold for 1 or 2 days or for as long as you have been instructed.

  2. Follow the doctor’s instructions for taping or splinting the finger or toe, if applicable.

FOLLOW UP as advised by the doctor or our staff.

GET PROMPT MEDICAL ATTENTION if any of the following occurs: